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Office unit for rent minutes away from Telok Ayer MRT station.
There are many different types of shophouse office located around CBD. Because Telok Ayer Street is located strategically near the financial district, it has become a very popular spot. Telok Ayer Street is always on the radar for new start up in Singapore. Moving from co-sharing space or offices in the out skirt of Singapore.

Details of Telok Ayer Office Unit for Rent

This unit is recently renovated. Large full height windows lined the front of the office. Bright natural lights runs through the whole office space. The kind of office space you would like to rent if you are setting up your business in the city. The wooden floor create a cozy environment and the facade and the windows add more charm to the building.

Telok Ayer Street has a very rich history. Many migrates arrive from all over Asia that would later settle down in this country first arrive at this place to look for a job and a place to stay. Different races and faith built their communities here sharing common space and dreams. The communities are still around today. Only adding more races and faith but still sharing the same space and dreams. This is a great place to rent a office space and start your business.

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Amenities near Telok Ayer Street

Telok Ayer Street is surrounded by many amenities like food centres and famous restaurants. Many commercial buildings housing MNCs are also in the neighbourhood making Telok Ayer Street a great place for supporting business to house their office space.

You can reach two MRT stations with just a short walk. Many buses also reach this location.

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Suitable for most business concept.

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