Commercial Property for Sale

There are many types of commercial property for sale in Singapore. They can be categorised into shophouses for sale, strata title offices for sale, strata title shops for sale, HDB shophouses for sale, and coffee shops for sale.

You may go through our list of commercial property for sale. We have different types of commercial property for sale in our listing bank. There are also many other commercial properties for sale that are not shown here because of the owner’s request. You may contact us for more details.

The commercial property market is highly sensitive to the economy of Singapore. Take the current COVID-19 situation for example. We saw a shift in some sector and the results surprise some of us. These are some of the situations that you will be informed in order for you to make a better decision.

The constant changes in rules and regulations also will affect the prices and rentability of different types of commercial property for sale in different areas. For example, the easing or tightening of F&B approval may determine whether certain shophouses will lease out faster than another. We are very in touch with all these changes and the future development of Singapore. What are the developments that are affecting the growth of commercial property for sale?

There are many types of commercial property for sale here in Singapore. let’s take a look at the different type of commercial property for sale here.

Type of Commercial Property for Sale

  1. Shophouses – This can be divided into a few sub-categories like conservation shophouses, shophouses with residential units above, non-conservation shophouses. Every type of shophouses has its character and potential.
  2. Strata Title Offices – This type of commercial property can usually be found in grade B office buildings.
  3. Strata Title Shops – They can usually be found in a mixed development.
  4. HDB Shophouses – Another common type of shophouses that can be found all over Singapore heartlands.
  5. Coffee Shops – A more specialized type of commercial property that is usually confined to a small group of investors.
  6. Hotels and Hostels – A very niche market too. This is also usually confined to a very exclusive group of investors.

These are some of the categories of commercial properties. I will discuss more of the pros and cons in another article soon. So do visit us again for more updates and news.

commercial property for sale

We Can Help You Match your Buyer or Property

If you are looking for a buyer for your commercial property, feel free to talk to us too. We are happy to share our marketing plans with you. Not only we will recommend your property to our network and contacts but also advise you on how to make your commercial property more marketable.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a commercial property either for your business use or as an investment. We can also help you find one that suits your needs and requirements. Some listings are not listed here. So we like to hear your requirements first before we make any recommendation.

We are dedicated to our transparent, professional and prompt services. Matching buyers with the right commercial space. Regardless of shophouses, strata offices, strata shop spaces or other F&B spaces.
We can also assist you on other matters like finances, due diligence and regulation consultation thru our trusted partners.

Similarly, if you are looking to sell your commercial property space. We are also able to find you a suitable buyer with our network of prospects.

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