Office Renovation Tips

office renovation tips

Office Renovation Tips

A beautiful office has many advantages. It could help improve productivity, boost staff’s morale and project a successful image for your clients. However, renovation of your office can be a nightmare. Your timeline, budget and expectation are all very critical. Is your current furniture going to match the new design? Where are your finance people going to be seated? Everything requires your attention. Here are some office renovation tips for you.

You Need a Bigger Office Space

You’ve started from a small start-up business with 2-3 staff on board, office space was not an issue and you could work in smaller, simple spaces.
A couple of years later, your company has grown big enough to form up teams of different divisions. And you finally decided that the next step of your company growth is to move into a larger unit for more space and more growth.

Choosing and renovating an office space may sound easy, but there are a few areas that we believe are important to take note of. So that your dream office doesn’t become a nightmare. Here are some office renovation tips on what you should take note of when you renovate your office space.

Office Renovation Cost

Renovation Costs – Getting Everyone Involved. The office is where you will spend most of your time – almost making it your second home and you would want to make it as comfortable as possible while maintaining a balanced level of professionalism.

You should ask around with your team and see which areas would help make things more efficient and conduciveness such as deciding if the office space should be an open-spaced concept or with partitions for more privacy.

One office renovation tip is to gather the staff headcount and decide on what other rooms are needed such as meeting rooms, server rooms, pantries or even a recreation room to let loose and relax. You can have a better understanding of how much space you would have to set aside for a more efficient space planning.

Setting Up an Office Renovation Ad-hoc Team

You have decided which parts are important and needed for the new office, now it’s time to start planning!
If you do not have an in-house office renovation designer, you will have to search for one that fits your needs and budget. You should look for an interior design firm with good knowledge and experience in office renovation design will know how to handle both aesthetic improvements while cohering to your company’s branding.

And while the project goes on, you will need to have someone supervising the site for a smoother process. Getting an ad-hoc Project Manager will ensure that any on-site installations and renovations issues will be rectified.

Intrado (Previously West UC) Entrance (Source: Gridline Design Labs)

Check For Any Additional Costs

One of the most important office renovation tips is to check if there is any existing Mechanical and Engineering (M&E) issues to rectify. This shall include missing aircon units and plumbing issues. You have to consider these issues when you choose the space. Not having air condition units, proper plumbing and sanitary systems means you will need to install or fix them up. These works will incur extra costs to your initial costs.

KPP Packaging Meeting room (Source: Gridline Design Lab)

Choosing the Right Office Renovation Contractors

Last but not least, it’s important to get the right people for the right job. Before you hire a contractor for the renovations. You have to do a quick check on what services can they provide. No amount of office renovation tips can replace a good renovation contractor.

You should ask your contractor if they are competent in:

  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical wiring
  • Wet work (Such as Tiling)
  • Ceiling works
  • Installation for glass, doors, windows, etc.
  • Sprinkler
  • M&E
  • Partition
  • Carpet (Flooring)
  • Cleaning

When selecting a contractor, it is important to look not only at the budget but also into the company and their reputation.

Office Furniture

If you are working with a tight budget. You can consider buying some office furniture from Ikea. Office furniture from Ikea or other ready-made office furniture may complement your office interior design. This is because Ikea office furniture like most ready-made office furniture are usually simple and neutral in colour. They would look like part of your office interior design.

Another advantage of using Ikea office furniture or other ready-made office furniture is cost. The cost of office furniture can be very high if you are not careful. Always keep in mind the cost of your office furniture when you are planning your office renovation.

You will have one less trouble in your mind with these office renovation tips. Go forth and create a more conducive space for your company!