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11 Differences Between Renting A Shophouse Office and Office Building

So, you just registered your company, and you are ready to go. First, you need to find an office space. But you like both shophouse office and office building. And cannot decide what is more suitable for you.

Depending on your needs, a shophouse office may be more suitable than an office building for you or vice versa. Let us deep dive today and see what kind of office space is more suitable for you.

11 points that you can compare between renting a shophouse office and office building.

  • Rental

If you are looking for office space in the city, you would probably find yourself with a lot of options. But then again, it also depends on the size that you are looking for. Most grade A office buildings do not have smaller size office space compared to strata-titled office buildings.

The cost of renting a grade A office building in the CBD is anything between $9psf to $13psf, while a strata-titled office building can be from $7psf to $9psf. Comparing to a shophouse office, the price of renting a shophouse office is between $4psf to $7psf.

There is a significant difference between the different types of office space for rent. But what other differences do the different types of office have? And is the extra cost justifiable? Let’s continue our analysis.

  • Layout

While most office in a building has a regular layout, this might not necessarily be true if you are renting a smaller unit. This is because the smaller units are usually amalgamated from a larger floorplate and the tenant renting the bigger space usually gets a more regular space.

However, some strata-titled office spaces may have a more regular layout for smaller size offices. The shophouse office, on the other hand, may be a little more unpredictable. Shophouse comes in many different layouts but mostly are longish.

It is important to have a realtor that knows this sector well to match you with the correct fit.

  • Maintenance

While the landlords are mostly responsible for the maintenance of both types of office spaces for rent, office buildings may be easier to maintain compared to a shophouse office.

This is partly because there is usually a building management committee or MCST to take care of the upkeeping of the building. Owners just need to pay a maintenance fee or management fee.

The shophouse office owners on the other hand must manage the property themselves. There are many corporate landlords nowadays that owned shophouse offices. They also engaged professional property management companies or has a property maintenance team in their own company to maintain the shophouse themselves.

  • Flexibility

It is more flexible to rent a shophouse office compared to an office building. Especially if you need to work late and on weekends. Most air condition units in grade A office buildings and even strata-titled office buildings are on a fixed hour operation.

If you need to use the air condition after the fixed hours, there are additional charges, and it can be expensive. Shophouse office enjoys more flexibility because most of the air condition units are split units that can be individually controlled.  There is some hybrid shophouse office that also has centralised air conditioning units.

  • Image

Depending on the kind of business you do, a shophouse office may seem less corporate compare to a shiny skyscraper in the middle of the financial district.

Shophouse office may feel like it is more suitable for creativity or start-up. However, many small financial institutions and family offices also started using shophouse offices as their office nowadays. Mostly love the old world charm of a shophouse office compare to the cold steel and glass building.

shophouse office and office building

  • Renovation

Although most office comes barely except for air-conditioning, some office buildings are also fitted with raised flooring. Some shophouse offices may have meeting rooms left behind by the previous tenant. This could save you some renovation costs.

  • Amenities

While most of the shophouse office and office buildings are in the CBD, most of the office buildings may be connected to shelters or underpasses. It is especially useful in Singapore weather.

  • Car Parks

Finding a parking space in the CBD can be a challenging task. You may be entitled to purchase a season parking space in the office building that you rent your office.

But if you are in a shophouse, you will have to find parking space along the road or nearby building. You will be expected to walk if you cannot find a parking space near to your shophouse office.

  • Accessibility

While office buildings all have a lift and express lift in grade A buildings. You may find yourself climbing two flights of stairs if your shophouse office is located on the third level of the shophouse.

  • Neighbours

Comparing to a grade A office building, you may not be able to choose what type of neighbours you like in a shophouse office or the strata-titled office. This is because there isn’t a central body to screen through the prospective tenants.

Your landlord may screen their own tenants, but their neighbours may not be so particular about who their tenant is as long as they pay the rent. So, you may end up having a bar below or a massage salon next to you.

  • Toilets

Finally, toilets. A facility that doesn’t looks like it matters but in most shophouse offices. There is only one toilet. You may have ten to fifteen team members and all of you will have to share one toilet that is available in the shophouse office. An office building on the other hand has at least a mid-size toilet for males and females.

How to Find the Most Suitable Shophouse Office and Office Building for Rent

I hope the above points can help you decide whether renting a shophouse office and office building is more suitable for you. However, it is better to have someone with good local knowledge to assist you in your search for an office rental.

You can contact us for a discussion on how we can help find your ideal office space today.