Shophouse Rental in Gemmill Lane

Shophouse rental in Gemmill Lane. This area is very near to Club Street. A very popular F&B enclave in the city. The different type of F&B concept in the area is just amazing. Gemmill Lane is one of its kind of place in Singapore.

Details of Shophouse Rental in Gemmill Lane

This shophouse space is just opposite China Square, making it very near to Raffles Place as well. Just behind this unit, it is Amoy Street. Another popular spot for F&B. There are also a lot of offices on Amoy Street. So Gemmill Lane is very easy for those working on Amoy to visit.

This F&B space has a mystery feel to it. It is like those secret place in the movies. Yet it is also not difficult to find. Just awesome.

Amenities near Gemmill Lane

Because of its location, Gemmill Lane is super near to Telok Ayer MRT station. This is especially important because nowadays, there are many people coming into the city area for entertainment, unlike the old days.

The CBD is alive on the weekends nowadays. Because the government is encouraging more activities in the CBD after the normal working hours. Hence, more and more people come to the CBD for entertainment on weekends and after hours.

Because Raffles Place is just a short walk from across the road, therefore you will get a lot of customers from the other side of the CBD.

Because Chinatown is also a short distance away from here. There are a lot of tourists in that area. Hence many curious tourists wander off the tracks to check out the entertainment outlets in this area too.

There will be new hotels completing their construction soon and hotels that are completed in recent times. Hence more visitors will know Gemmill Lane. Many more visitors are attracted to Gemmill Lane also live around here. Because in recent years, there are many residential development built here.

This is definitely a happening place to start your F&B business in. See you soon.

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