Office in Chinatown for Rent.

Best office in Chinatown for rent. Not only it has a nice layout, but also a charming neighbourhood together with a beautiful facade.

Details and Amenities of Office in Chinatown for Rent

Firstly this is easy access from Chinatown and Tanjong Pagar MRT stations including other public transportation too.
Not to mention the excessive parking spaces in the vicinity. It is also surrounded by lots of amenities
like local eateries in Kreta Ayer Market, and Maxwell Market. There are also a lot of shops in the area. They help to serve your daily business requirement. Other amenities that can be found in the neighbourhood like banks, childcare centers are also plentiful in the area.

Mosque Street is the quiet side of the Chinatown. This is the street that is filled with flavors and character.
From a tea shop that has more than 50 years of history to a creative house and even financial institution office.

If you are looking for a big space on a single floor in the CBD area with easy parking. Then this is the space for you. Because you can always find a parking space here. Otherwise, the many buildings in and around the area also provides parking facilities.

However, If you are not driving and need to use the public transportation, the Chinatown MRT station, and Telok Ayer MRT station are all also within a short walking distance. Mosque Street is also in the middle of two major roads that lead into the city. South Bridge Road and New Bridge Road hug Mosque Street. Both roads are used by many buses that come into the city from all parts of the island. Every taxi or private hire car driver must know how to get to Mosque Street too.

The beautiful timber floor fills the interior of the space coupled with charming windows that stretches throughout the property. Coming to the office every day is like stepping into your home. You will be able to feel the positive energy the building emits the moment you step inside.

Besides the spacious squarish area, an attic space that fits right inside is most suitable for meeting rooms or your director’s room.

Come see for yourself to appreciate this beautiful office space for rent in the CBD.

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