Desker Road Shop for Rent

Desker Road shop for rent may not be as popular as the shophouse in the CBD like Tanjong Pagar or Amoy Street. But in recent years, it has gain popularity for it’s hipster appeal. Because of it’s more reasonable rental, more F&B operator are moving their operation here. And the rental price that you save can be better use on marketing.

This Desker Road shop for rent is surrounded by many interesting attraction and this area itself has a very colourful past on it’s own too. Desker road is named after a well-known philanthropist, Andre Filipe Desker. In its heyday in the 1960s and the 1970s, it was a notorious red-light district with transgender prostitutes but today It is replaced with modern shopping malls, condominium and new restaurants. The new landscape helps people looking for shop rental with more options.

Details of Desker Road Shop for Rent

The restaurant ready shophouse for rent in Desker Road is a 2 storey conservation shophouse. Beside it’s spacious layout and unique architecture which will be an attraction for your customers. The interior of this shop for rent is also ready for restaurant operation. so you may save more money on the renovation.

The  upper level of the shophouse for rent is also approved for F&B purpose. This is helpful to you as you don’t have to spent more time applying for approval from the relevant authorities. Applying for all these permits takes up more of  your time that can be use for other operation matters.

The interior of this shophouse is also bright and welcoming.
There are many tourists that visit this part of the island for it’s nostalgic environment and it’s close proximity to Little India.

desker road shop for rent

Amenities near Desker Road for Rent

The MRT station is a short distance from here and there are many other public transportation options available. There are many parking facilities in the vicinity which is important for any F&B business. A short distance away from Desker Road is the Bencoolen area. A district that is famous for private education institute and the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA).

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