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Commercial shop for lease in the middle of the city. Tanjong Pagar Road is popular with F&B shop because It is also very close to many commercial buildings in the area. It is a very crowded place especially during the peak hours and after working hours. This is why Tanjong Pagar Road remains a very ideal place for F&B business. Raffles Place financial district is also less than 10 minutes from here. You can travel between Raffles Place and Tanjong Pagar Road on the train. This unit has large glass facade and high ceiling. Highly visible and is a good candidate for F&B space.

Details of Commercial Shop for Lease

This commercial shop for lease in Tanjong Pagar Road is different from most other conservation shophouse in the neighbourhood. It’s art deco design stands out among the orange roof of the shophouses.

Because it has a wide facade and a high ceiling. Therefore it is very visible from the main street. This is especially important for retail or F&B business. The wide layout of this unit also plays a part in the success of a business. User experience is very important nowadays. This commercial shop for lease has what it takes to offers great user experience.

commercial shop for lease

Amenities near Tanjong Pagar

This area is also very popular with tourists who enjoys visiting the nearby attraction and stopping to have a meal. The future Maxwell MRT station is also at the road junction. Many new office buildings has open recently making Tanjong Pagar a very crowded and busy area comparing to the financial district.

Chinatown is also a short distance away from here. The good mix of shops and restaurants turns the area into a big melting pot attracting many people from all walks of life here for different purposes. However, many are here for the night’s out.

There are plenty of parking space here so you don’t have to worry about parking issue like many F&B places do.

Come see this awesome shophouse space today.

Suitable for most F&B concept.

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