Commercial Place for Rent

Commercial place for rent in Tras Street. See how you can use this rare space as a lounge.

Details of Commercial Place for Rent in Tras Street

This shophouse space is along Tras Street. It was a former music lounge. So you can use for the same purpose (subject to evaluation). This is something very precious nowadays because URA stop issuing approval for entertainment outlet in conservation houses anymore.

Because this is a two shop front unit, the space inside is just incredible. The layout of the place allows you to fit a nice bar counter in the centre of the unit with a different area to separate your customers for more privacy. There is even enough space to fit a small dance floor.

Amenities near Tras Street

There are many redevelopment around Tras street recently. Like ST Signature Tanjong Pagar, Six Senses Maxwell, Carlton City Hotel, and Oasia Hotel. These establishments will bring more business to the area. Good news for F&B operators here.

Tras Street is also very easily accessible by all kind of public transportation including trains. There are currently two train stations serving this area, namely Tanjong Pagar MRT station, followed by Chinatown MRT station. A third station will be ready soon and Maxwell station is even nearer than Chinatown station when it is ready.

The area is also very near to many office buildings. You can target customers from all the commercial buildings in the neighbourhood.

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1) Ann Siang Road 3300sqft
2) South Bridge Road 4071sqft

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