Chinatown Shophouse for Sale

Chinatown shophouse for sale. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Singapore. Many visitors here will make a trip here either to some up the atmosphere or to bring home some souvenirs. Therefore retail space here are always filled up.

There are also many localised store like tradition Chinese medical stores, dessert shop, restaurants, or spa. This makes shophouses here very popular with business owners and will mostly command a good rental price.

Keeping the shop space rented all the time has always been the top priority in every landlord’s mind. In Chinatown, you are less likely to have a vacant unit for a longer period compared to many other places.

So shophouses in Chinatown makes a better investment compared to some other less popular shophouse spots.

Amenities near Chinatown Shophouse for Sale

Sago Lane is near to the Buddha Tooth Temple. Which is a very famous tourist destination. Every day thousands of visitors from overseas and Singapore come to this place. Many tourists will visit sago Lane for some photography moment or visit the shops and kiosks situated along the street.

Because Sago Lane is close to vehicular traffic, it makes shopping easier and more interesting. Hence, it makes Sago Lane more appealing to more people.

This Shophouse space is also very well lighted, it has 3 storeys and currently, all floors are tenanted.

As a key tourists spot, connectivity is key. Chinatown is easily accessible by trains. Chinatown MRT is just a couple of street away and the new station Maxwell is incredibly near to Sago Lane too. With the new train station ready soon, we may see a change in demographics and an increase in visitorship. This is good news for landlords and tenants alike.

Idea for investment.

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