Best Priced Shophouse for Rent

Best priced shophouse for rent near Keong Siak Road. This is one of the most underrated areas in Singapore CBD. It is located next to the Tanjong Pagar area and Chinatown area.
However, this place has a lot of potential that went unnoticed.

Details of Best Priced Shophouse for Rent

This shophouse space is very near to Tanjong Pagar district. However, its rental price is just a fraction of what you will pay in Tanjong Pagar. Although it may not have the buzz of Tanjong Pagar. It is still easily accessible.

The layout of this shophouse is long and wide. Therefore it is very suitable for most restaurants concept. You can easily set the kitchen space at the back of the building.

There are a few restaurants in the area and they have been around for many years. This Kreta Ayer unit is also very visible from the road. It is also a short walk to Keong Siak Street.

Amenities near Kreta Ayer Road

Kreta Ayer is near to Outram MRT station and is also not far from Chinatown MRT station. The future Maxwell MRT station is even nearer when it is ready.

Kreta Ayer Road is also part of the open-top bus that many tourists take every day. There is even a bus stop right in front of the place. This can help in targeting tourists.

There are many bus services along En Tong Seng Road too. So Kreta Ayer is still very easy to find even though it is not as famous as Keong Siak Road.

This unit is also very suitable for non-F&B trades like hair salon, beauty salon, sliming centre, nail salon, and showroom. Likewise, it can be used as an office for a law firm, architect firm or even clinics.

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1) Circular Road 850sqft
2) Pagoda Street 1200sqft

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