How Your Offices Can Accommodate and Adapt to Safe Distancing Measures

Having lived through a year of the pandemic, we all know that this pandemic is here to stay. With new terms like safe-distancing, we have to think about how we can practice that in the office. here are some ways you can change the office to accommodate the safe distance changes and keep everybody safe. 

Establish Zone

One way to keep everyone safe would be to establish specific zones in the office. Implement different working teams, you can keep them apart by splitting the office into zones according to their teams. You can do this by simply rearranging furniture, using things like desks or bookshelves to differentiate the zones. You can also make the office more lively by using colour. Potted plants can be used as low profile physical barriers as well.

Make Use of The Outdoor

Gone are the days of having to cram into a meeting room. So why not make use of the space outside of your office to meet instead? You can place furniture, such as tables, chairs and charging outlets, in tasteful areas outside the office. Having a small garden or nature area can make the environment more conducive.


With the implementation of new Covid-19 measures, signs depicting them have made their way into our everyday lives. However, they do not have to look so strict and hospital-like. Get creative with the way you display your rules and measures. You can use bulletin boards to remind people of the things they should do to keep everyone safe.

Hygiene Amenities

With the spread of the pandemic is closely linked to personal hygiene, it would be a good idea to invest in a few amenities around the office in order to promote personal hygiene. Look into things that are contactless, such as an automated hand sanitiser machine and automated soap machines in bathrooms or near sinks. These can be placed in areas of high traffic, such as the break area or the entrances and exits.

The Help You Need

Adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic is something that takes time, but is completely necessary for the safety of yourself and your employees at the office. If you are someone who thinks your office could be safer, reach out to us and we would be glad to help you make it a safer place for everyone! 

This article is contributed by Ar Kee Design Studio

Credits Ar Kee Design Studio